About Us

Arnav, is a civil engineer by qualification and a hard core foodie and a travel aficionado at heart. Being an ARMY brat by birth, traveling and socializing is in his DNA. His belief is: “Go to a new place every month or two to explore, relax and live life to the fullest.”
He started blogging in 2015 with Sustainability Initiatives - India about Green Buildings and Sustainability related issues in India.His blog was able to attract 4000+ unique visitors in a matter of 2 months of blogging.
After relocating to Delhi in 2016, he discovered the travel bug within him and the hardcore foodie that he is.Moving to a new city basically catapulted his travel escapades and he started this blog in April 2016, when sitting in his office cubicle one day thinking about his recent trip to Mussorie.
He loves eating and writing reviews about the different restaurants he explores on Zomato and TripAdvisor. His passion for travel and food has garnered many readers and followers on these websites.
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You can reach him on eattravelliverepeat@gmail.com