Tuesday, January 10, 2017

24 hours in McLeodganj, India

McLeodganj is a very popular travel destination in Dharamshala. Being just 250 km (5 hours) journey from Chandigarh and around 475 km (9-10 hours) journey from Delhi, McLeodganj has become a hotspot for weekend trips and is frequented by travellers but usually jam-packed with tourists specially on long weekends.

McLeodganj has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers alike. Triund trek – a 9 km trek from McLeodganj main square; and it is a foodie’s haven with all kinds of foods and cuisines available in the many cafes spread all over the town.

McLeodganj is best explored on foot and to enjoy the city it is recommended to park your vehicle in the parking lot near the bus stop for the duration of the stay .This does two things – Less traffic on the narrow roads and making your effort to keep the town pollution free.

The buses from Delhi usually arrive early in the morning by 6-7 AM which is the perfect time to start a day long food trail in the streets of McLeodganj.

Start the day with a hot cup of lemon ginger tea and some bread omlet from any of the numerous stalls spread around the city.

A hot cup of tea and a plate of Bread Omlet - The best way to start the day
Follow it with a hearty breakfast of some Tibetan bread and mixed veg omlet or a big bowl of Thupka along some delectable milkshakes or hot chocolate at The Clay Oven.

Mixed Veg Omlet with Tibetan Bread

A big bowl of Thupka
Satisfy the pre-lunch hunger by trying out some hot Momos from any street vendor. They are priced very decently starting from some Rs 40 per plate. The accompanying chutney and mayonnaise act as the perfect accompaniment and balancing the taste.

Momo Time
Try out some excellent pastas or some hakka noodles/chowmein from any of the cafes like The Clay Oven, Jimmy’s Italian Café etc. And couple that with a glass of peach beer or lemon beer.

Bacon Pasta in Garlic sauce was a true delicacy

Time for some local Peach and Lemon Beer

Give your taste buds a surprise by having Pizzas from Carpediem as a late evening snack. The pizza will undoubtedly be one of the best you have had till now. Don’t forget to try the French fries before the pizza. They are crispy and will be consumed in a matter of minutes but the taste will linger for some time.

The crunchy French Fries

Thin crusted jewel

Indulge in some freshly baked pastries/cakes from the bakeries out there. The one right in front of Carpediem sells Chocolate Banana cake which is just out of the world.

If you are still hungry, do try out the soups at the Norling Café before hogging onto some freshly cooked tikkas and kababs right off the tandoor. The area in front of the Temple just steps away from the Main Square is filled with vendors selling such items when all the cafes have closed down.

PS – The cafes close down early and its highly likely that you might get a seat in any of the cafes post 8:30 PM, so step out of your rooms early to fill up your tummies with all that you can have WRAVELER style.